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Do You Smell Smoke?

Do You Smell Smoke Coming From Your AC?

If you fire up your air conditioner and smell smoke coming from it, odds are you’re probably concerned. And that’s a good thing: smoke can be a sign that something catastrophic is wrong with your air conditioner, and not shutting it down immediately could cause your entire system to fail, or worse, catch fire and place your entire home at risk.

What should you do in this situation? Be prepared; Eskimo Joe has the answers you need!

If you’re dealing with this problem, shut off your air conditioner immediately and call a Tallahassee air conditioning repair technician! Smoke smells coming from your air conditioner could mean a large number of problems, and continuing to use your system while it’s producing this smell could lead to immense permanent damage to your system, ruining it for good, or many other even worse consequences that you shouldn’t have to deal with.

If shutting off the air conditioner gets the smoke smell to stop, then you shouldn’t start it again until you’ve had it thoroughly inspected by a professional and been given the clear to do so; odds are there’s a problem inside that needs repaired before you can safely turn it back on.

However, if the problem still persists after the system is shut off, then you may have an even larger problem pertaining to the electrical connections your system has. If this is the case, go to the circuit breaker in your home and immediately shut off the connection your system has to your electricity entirely. This should stop any smoke smell coming from inside.

What About My Heater?

Your heater is a little bit different. If you catch a whiff of a strong, burning smell the first time you have turned your system on for the winter, there’s less immediate cause for concern. A burning smell on the first heat is usually the result of dirt and dust that has accumulated on your heating coils getting hot and burning away. This is fairly normal, isn’t dangerous, and should disappear after roughly half an hour or so.

However, if this problem doesn’t subside quickly, then you may also be facing a more significant issue. At this point, you should shut off your heater and call a heating and air conditioning professional in Orlando to check your system and make any necessary repairs.

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